Deals with talent mentorship of children between the ages of 5yrs -18yrs.

program description

The Angels of Peace Talent centre is the arm of the centre that deals talent mentorship of children between the ages of 5yrs -18yrs.The centre seeks to offer an alternative holistic place for children to spend constructive time during the school holidays and weekday as they grow their talents and skills. We have a very safe and clean place for your children to spend time doing something worthwhile they explore their talents and personal skills.

Through the use of talents, we are able to recruit the children to different  mentorship programs to allows us monitor their  growth and development as we reach to their personal needs through our child based counseling ethics and life skills programs. This is a proven way to reach out to the children and instill discipline and values in them at a tender age.

children within age of 10 years
  •  Coloring
  • Molding
  • Drawing
  • Indoor board games
  • Table tennis
  • Badminton
  • Skating
  • Classes in music; acting, dancing, skating and creative writing.
children above age of 10 years
  • Homework Club
  • Discussion Groups
  • Access to Computers
  • Dance Space and Classes
  • Talent Classes and Mentorship Programs i.e music, dancing, fine art, photography, acting.